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Stargazer Goddess Astrology

A calling, a gift, a destiny written in the stars, formed at the time of our birth. We can choose to ignore our destiny or choose to develop it, make the most of it. In this lifetime I have been called to be of service to humanity, to help, comfort, ease and give guidance to those who seek support, or healing. My role as an astrologer is to help you learn to fall in love with yourself, to master those challenging emotions and behaviour so you can shine.

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Relationship/Synastry Chart

By comparing two charts, I can see the astrological make up and insight into relationships. This can be used for lovers, marital partners, friendship, boss, employee or any two people who form a bonding relationship to help you understand the dynamics of the relationship and the synergy.

Natal Charts

is a soul print, a moment captured in time of the moment you were born. Having a natal reading will help you discover who you truly are, your habits, your behaviour, how you react to situations and bring awareness so you can use these skills and gifts to gain clarity and to enhance your life for the better and to reach your fullest potential.


Forecasting Chart

Natal Charts

Career Guidance

Do you feel unsatisfied, having no purpose or being overlooked for promotion. A career reading will help identify areas of weakness and strengths to enable you to use your gifts and talents to reach your goal.

Newborn/Children Chart

Here I focus on the emotional and intellectual needs of either your newborn or child, highlighting their strengths, talents and gifts so you both can understand their uniqueness in themselves and to embrace it with compassion.


Career Guidance

What is Astrology


Astrology is the study of how the positions of the stars and the movements of the planets have an influence on events and on the lives and behaviour of people.

Western astrology, as it is practised today, works with the birth chart as its foundation. A birth chart is a form of map, showing the locations of celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids and other points of interest) at a specific time (time of birth) in a specific location (place of birth). Each celestial body will have been located in one of the 12 zodiac signs and stands in relation to the other celestial bodies. In astrology, depending on the sign and its relationship to the other bodies, each planetary placement shows potentials and challenges for the individual.


Lisa Mariee


Thank you for my reading yesterday. It was lovely for you to connect with me and to give such a clear reading. Your amazing Carla.


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