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Astrology has many aspects. I consider myself to be an Intuitive Astrologer, each reading I give is unique and different as no two people are the same. Astrology is many things according to Aristotle, ‘ the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. This is true for astrology due to a combination of science, art and a little bit of magic. My readings encompass a combination of Natal, Esoteric, Western, Psychological, Relationship and Intuitive astrology to best serve you. Remember I am here to serve you. It is written in my stars. As an intuitive astrologer every chart is a unique and personal blueprint of who you are and where you are going.


Natal Charts

is a soul print, a moment captured in time of the moment you were born. Having a natal reading will help you discover who you truly are, your habits, your behaviour, how you react to situations and bring awareness so you can use these skills and gifts to gain clarity and to enhance your life for the better and to reach your fullest potential.


Newborn/Children Chart

Here I focus on the emotional and intellectual needs of either your newborn or child, highlighting their strengths, talents and gifts so you both can understand their uniqueness in themselves and to embrace it with compassion.

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Relationship/Synastry Chart

By comparing two charts, I can see the astrological make up and insight into relationships. This can be used for lovers, marital partners, friendship, boss, employee or any two people who form a bonding relationship to help you understand the dynamics of the relationship and the synergy.

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Shadow Chart

Leaning into Chiron. We begin to unravel the parts of the self which we hide from, that keep us bound from reaching our full potential. In this session, I will help  identify your wounds of the past. The chains that keep you bondaged to old habits, beliefs and give you support and guidance to break free, to heal and move forward.


Career Guidance

Do you feel unsatisfied, having no purpose or being overlooked for promotion. A career reading will help identify areas of weakness and strengths to enable you to use your gifts and talents to reach your goal.


Goddess Asteroids

Reaching into the Sacred Feminine spiritual practice and how these key aspects of the Goddess Asteroids in your chart can help you understand your spiritual development and path in this world. By tapping into the Goddess Asteroid within your chart, we can identify your soul purpose this lifetime.

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Solar Chart Reading

A Solar Chart records the sun returning to the exact moment of your birth. For returning clients who would like a yearly forecast of what is ahead of them. This will enable you to plan, assist for the next 12 months.

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Life Purpose Reading

Do you want to know what you have been called to do this lifetime. Why are you actually here, so you can live a purposeful life? Feeling lost is no fun. Through astrology I can help you map out your life purpose and assist you into putting it into practice.

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