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Pisces Season

I must admit I am a little bit biased when it comes to Pisces. This is probably due to

having a brother who is a Pisces sun and myself having a Pisces moon. The Pisces season runs from February 19th to March 20th in the western astrological chart. For those who also follow the Vedic chart it is slightly different.  Pisces is the last and final placement. It is about us having learned our lesson… oh what painful joy she cries as we travelled through each sign during the year, learning and discovering who we are, our hopes, fears, pain, joy and now we sit here learning the difference between fact and fiction, the fantasy as opposed to the reality. Is it real, or was it just a dream? Is Morpheus playing with our mind?

Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions reflecting duality, emphasising the Piscean nature of being into states of mind, and into different realms of shifting emotions. If you know a Pisces whether it is sun, moon or rising you will find them to be always in two minds and having conflicting thoughts and opinions on anything. Though they are very intuitive due to the water connection I like to call it being diverse, though my husband who is an Aries disagrees with this statement and often tells me I am somewhere else. I do not consider myself a dreamer, but yes us Pisceans can adventure to other places.

Pisces people are sensitive to criticism, so often become or are people pleasers and very much underestimate their own self-worth they overcompensate through use of addictive behaviour or becoming overly obsessed with an activity. Pisceans tend to feel rather than think. When you meet someone with a Pisces in their chart they will speak in emotional terms as opposed to concrete decisions. Pisces thinks with their heart. Do not underestimate a Pisceans they are not of this world and are highly evolved human beings working at a higher consciousness level and are not limited to the mundane. They are considered half spirit, half human. There are three kinds of Pisces people: the healer, those who internalise and the dreamer. Depending on other planets in your placement we can see a combination of these aspects.

The gifts of Pisces include prophecy, ESP, occultism, spirituality, being intuitive, or having that gut feeling is your body's way of telling you something and you should heed this sensation. Pisceans keyword is BELIEVE, they believe anything is possible and have a tremendous amount of faith and trust in the universe things will work out accordingly and for the best. Though it may not be what we desire, the outcome will give Piscean’s peace. Friday is linked to Venus the Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure is associated with Friday as is Pisces. The numbers 2 and 6 are considered lucky numbers so any combination of these can help increase your manifestation.

As a rule, everyone loves you, and sees you as their friend because of your presence of being interested, attentive and aware of the needs of others. However, excessive stimulus can leave you feeling drained and emotionally exhausted with you requiring time out alone. As a person you are highly sensitive, loyal, generous, self-sacrificing and have a deep appreciation for other people's inner qualities as you look beyond the surface. You, my Piscean friend, are caring, devoted and sentimental who loves with your heart.

To find out more about the Pisceans character and what lies ahead for you book a personalised reading.


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